When you're ready to stop smoking then your local NHS stop smoking service can help you make a start ...

At your local health centre

Local health centres and surgeries across Oxfordshire have trained Stop Smoking Advisers who can provide you with 1-1 advice and support.

At a pharmacy

Many Oxfordshire pharmacies now have trained Stop Smoking Advisers who can provide you with 1-1 advice and support.

At a place near you

There may be a trained Stop Smoking Adviser at your workplace, your college or school, your community centre - call us for details.

Easy Read  stop smoking leaflet

  ________________________________________________________________               What about e-cigarettes? If you use an e-cigarette, our advisers can also help you quit smoking for good. Only licensed  stop smoking medication is available on prescription; however our stop smoking advisers will still support you to become                a non-smoker if you choose to use e-cigarettes as part of your quit attempt instead. smokefree cars


Plain Packaging Protects

The House of Commons has voted to support having plain packaging (with prominent health warnings) for cigarettes. This move could save thousands of lives as this last form of cigarette advertising is abolished.

New law to stop smoking in cars with children

Parliament have voted in favour of new regulations to come in from 1st October that will make it an offence to smoke in a private vehicle with children present. Having a smokefree home and car is the most effective way to protect children's health from the dangers of secondhand smoke.  

Oxfordshire Smoking Advice Service closing:

From 1st APRIL 2015 please contact Oxfordshire County Council Public Health Team with any queries about smoking cessation and tobacco control services in Oxfordshire. Stop Smoking Advisors will still be available to help you at your GP surgery or pharmacy.